Shrink Sleeves Label

Companies with high-quality products can attain more from the merits of shrink sleeve technology. The shrink sleeves have the ability to conform to any unique packaging shape and the entire label surface can be used for providing outstanding shelf appeal, can be used for decoration and information and the product speaks itself.

A sleeve provides the ideal platform for creating an eye-catching and appealing effect at the point of sale where buyer has to take the final decision for which product to go for.

It is ideal for many industries like foods and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care.

- We offer sleeves in all types of shrink films. (PVC, Pet G, OPS, PLA)

- We offer sleeves in variety of inks and processes upto 8 colors (Matt Varnish, High Gloss Varnish, and Metallic Effect)

- We offer Assistance in new product and design

- We also provide general technical assistance

ABC International provides customers with the ultimate in flexibility. From a wide variety of films to choose from, including PVC, PETG, OPS & PLA, to the offering of both rotogravure or flexographic printing, we can provide options to meet just about everyone’s needs. In addition to spectacular printed graphics, creative solutions and specialty products include metallic effects, varnishes, coatings, unique perforations, easy open tamper evident bands, tear tapes, and more.

Can be supplied in Reels, Perforated and even in cut single form.

Examples of Shrink Sleeve Labels

All kinds of products in

• Home care (Laundry, Fabric care, Detergent, Cleaning products, etc.)

• Personal Care (Hair care, Soap and Bath products, Oral care, Skin care, Cosmetics,

• Dairy (Milk-based drink, Yogurt drink, Yogurt Cup, Coffee creamer, Ice cream, etc.)

• Food and Beverage (Sauces, Spread, Prepared meal, Snacks, Soft drinks, Fruit juices,
Water, Alcoholic drinks, etc.)

• Nutrition product/Supplement (Baby food, Healthy foods, etc.)

Shrink Sleeves

A sleeve provides the ideal platform for creating an eye-catching and appealing effect at the point of sale...

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